Newsletter about global manufacturer company TACSYSTEM.

TACSYSTEM established in 1995, within 17years, have more than 1,000 products which are authorized with the CERTIFICATE OF PATENT by the Korean Intellectual Property Office. TACSYSTEM is the first one developed QUARTZ COAT. It marked the end of organic wax era and the beginning of the new inorganic coating era. We exports highly concentrate formulas to over 40 major countries around the world. Our market share in South Korea more than 80%. 
We at TACSYSTEM always consistently work on environmental protection, cost savings, dust - free operation and high efficiency operation. 
Over the years, TACSYSTEM has kept its focus on new and innovative car care products geared toward professional detailers. Also, products have been consistently engineered with ease of application in mind to also cater to vehicle enthusiasts who take great pride into their own car care. TACSYSTEM uses only highest quality ingredients to offer innovative car care products for today’s market; ranging from cleaning products to polishing compounds to new quartz based ceramic coatings. 


  • Protects car paint from contaminants
  • Keeps your car shinny & looking new
  • Reduce paint color faded
  • Durability up to 2 years +
  • Less scratches, swirls
  • Less water spots
  • Easy to maintain
  • Reduce dusts
  • Economic

LLC HIMTEC not only distributor in Russian market, HIMTEC is to imports newer technology and cost saving operations for customer and partners. HIMTEC has a range of products ranging from cleaning, polishing, water repellent products, Tyre & wheel wax, interior car products, coating and many such products are going to be part of range of products that are in offering for distributors, retailers and professional detailers. 

We work for You: LLC HIMTEC-SPb

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